Grain Bowl


This is my lil grain bowl I made while I flicked through my DVR, Im always interested into seeing what Andrew Zimmern is eating, he swear cheese thats been fermenting in the ground for 20 years is good. It took me awhile to make this bowl, which wasn’t too big of a problem since I had my handy dandy Sonos play 5 speaker blastin (it was free too whoop! whoop!). Man! That thing freakin BUMPS!!! Like you can literally throw a house party using this one speaker. As a matter of fact, I went to a bar-b-que at an athletes house a couple years back and music from the Sonos flowed throughout the mansion AND backyard. I had a great time, we played this drinking game where you have to make 2 teams of 5-6 people, one team stands on one side of the table and the other team on the other side. Your competitor is the person standing across from you. You have to chug a half a cup of beer (the red cups, the famous red Solo house party cups) then put the cup on the edge of the table and flip it with one finger until the cup is upside down, once your cup flips, your teammate chugs and flips, then you chug flip chug flip until one team wins, the losers had to take a shot. Well my team lost, they made me go first against someone who is 6’9″, of course he was going to beat me. Am I making excuses? I think so. I got caught off guard (excuse). I was nervous (another one). We had to take the shot. You see how I’m supposed to be talking about a grain bowl and ended up taking shots in someones backyard? I be feelin like Dory from finding Nemo. Any who, I boiled Farro and quinoa in veggie stock, kosher salt, ground black pepper, garlic powder and a bay leave. People be sleepin on bay leaves, they add a special touch. They’re eye candy for a dish. Its like a handsome guy walking by and you look for a few seconds, then you snap out of it and commence to putting coins in the parking meter so you can finish running errands. Let the bay leaf float around for about 10-15 minutes, take it out, throw it away. I drained the grains (that rhymed) and mixed in a little Thai curry sauce. I grilled squash, zucchini, and a portobello cap until they had scars, sliced in chunks, charred some cherry tomatoes and topped it with micro arugula. Did all that while Kendrick Lamar – section.80 was in rotation, I was west coastin in my kitchen on the Sonos.



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