Im not talking about a lemon either, I’m speaking of life and feelings. This will be short and sweet hopefully. This is just a random thought by the way. Ive spoken to a lot of people, some situations don’t make sense to me. I understand being in a bad situation. Ive been in situations so bad, I literally forgot how to get home, I had to look at my hands to try to figure out who I was, I didn’t know my favorite food or color. I get it, life will sucker punch you. What I don’t get is how people can let a bad situation allow them to become a TOTALLY different person, in a bad way. Situations will teach you things, but sift (examine thoroughly, isolate that which is most useful) out the goodness. In all honesty, I am a lover, Im serious with my lovin and thats why people think Im aggressive, if I’m not aggressive, i don’t care. If my love is not reciprocated after awhile, I will imaginarily knock your teeth out of your mouth or kidnap you and put you in one of those white vans with no windows, you DUMMY!!! I think i just got pissed. Anyways…..(takes a deep breath), will i allow you to change my personality or mindset in a negative way? NO! Being yourself is what will always keep you alive. I will always continue to love, but certain people don’t deserve it. Let me rephrase that, everyone deserves love, you just have to love from a distance, its a protection not a bitterness. Life is a gamble, you win some, you lose some, ALWAYS LOVE!!! If you lose, just throw the situation in the trash like you would the last 2 bites of a 3X3 from In-N-Out. Can you do a 3X3? i can’t! 3 patties? HELL to the NAW!! DC be eating them things like its nothin. Im good, ill just take a few bites of some animal fries. Naw but people are guarded, never received love, some don’t know what it is, and some had it taken away. You never know and never act like you do.Bitterness and bad days don’t exist unless you allow them to. Situations don’t change you, YOU CHANGE YOU! Now go to a popping food truck.

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