IMG_6257Shrimp! The 16/20s is where its at! Ok so the numbers in regards to shrimp is referring to X amount of shrimp in a pound. The smaller the number, the bigger the shrimp. In my picture I have 16/20s, there are 16-20 shrimp in that pound. Ive gotten 4/6s before, HUGE! Not my thing, it was a last resort. This night I made DC (my husband) a healthier version of a shrimp po’boy, sauté! (cook fast in a little fat) Traditional is frying. I get them from Costco, 4lbs for $40-$45, already cleaned (cleaning shrimp is hell). To make the bag last, split them down the middle and make 2 out of 1. To do what I did in the picture; take the shells off the shrimp, stick them in a bowl, lil olive oil (or vegetable, doesn’t matter) dice a onion, toss it in with the shrimp, I like a lot of garlic, so I got a garlic smasher and went IN on some garlic cloves, parsley, kosher salt, NO TABLE SALT (the iodine makes a big difference), only use coarse KOSHER!! Coarse ground black pepper and garlic powder, there is no such thing as too much garlic. Let me tell you something, the key to having pretty, tasteful food is that you have to actually SEE the seasonings. You should SEE the onions, SEE the minced garlic, and SEE the pepper, it should be all over ya mouth and fingers. Simple and bold. Mix it together with your hands. Next, make sure your skillet is screaming hot (Seafood cooks very fast), toss it in, 5 minutes, your done!

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