Whats up everybody? My name is Keyosha, pronounced Key-OH-sha or Key-AW-sha, everyone calls me Key-Oh for short. I chose to start a blog because this is something that will be solely about me, my great personality, and my talent which is cooking. I am a certified chef, but no one knows because I devote my whole being to my husband who in which is a NBA player and my 2 yr old son. Im 29, laid back, and interesting. You’ll never know what will come out of my mouth. In regards to cooking, I do have a more plant-based diet (except when I see my family, I get excited and will TEAR through a pork shoulder) so a lot of things will be meatless. Or unless Im cooking for my husband, he’s a carnivore. Other then that uummmmmm……..Im really into make-up, I experience weird situations, and Im random. For instance, do vegans eat animal crackers? Anyways, Im Keyo, pleasure to meet you.

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